Pigs Can Fly

Pigs Can Fly is a puzzle type flash game with a twist. You complete each part of the puzzle and then rewind time to complete another part. Confused yet? The effect is that the all of the parts of the puzzle get solved simultaneously which is really kind of cool actually. The last part of each puzzle (or first if you feel lucky) is also the goal of Pigs Can Fly which is to use the mouse to drag your pig to the magic potion so he can fly. Ironically, the Pig never flies during the stage but just gets dragged around the screen. Pigs Can Fly offers 30 levels and the puzzles will get more challenging as you go. Most of the puzzles involve moving colored blocks around that block your pigs path to the potion.

Pigs Can Fly Walkthrough Videos
Levels 1-25
Levels 26-30

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